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Professional builders take pride in their tools, holding on to those that seem to fit their hands and have the right  "feel" to help them do their best work.  Trooper Keeton has been using the same hammer since he went to work on the Lakeway World of Tennis in the early 1970s; a hammer he's also used throughout his 22 years of building homes in the Lake Travis area.

Trooper takes the most pride in his ability to visualize, to see before it is built what is the highest and best use of every single property.  He walks each lot several times to develop a feel for the proposed home.  Walk it with him, and you'll both hear and see him considering the size of the lot, the elevations, the trees and views, among other things; all the factors he considers before breaking any ground."If it's a spec house I'm going to build, I look at it as if it's going to be my house, a house in which I may live for the rest of my life."  He doesn't cut corners on his spec homes.  As he says, "They may cost a little more to build, but they also tend to sell faster."

When he builds your custom home, he does the same thing.  He will also question a feature he thinks may not quite fit the overall style, design or look of the home, or simply be expensive to add, and suggest another approach or a way to do the same thing for less money while keeping the lines of communication open.But he's giving you the benefit of his experience, not making the decision for you.  Having told you what his experience says about a design and explained why he thinks a different approach might be better, he will build it the way you want it."In spite of any differences of opinion, I work for you, and you call the shots."As both an experienced builder and RealtorÒ for a period of some forty-five years, Trooper Keeton can work with you from start to finish, so why not pick up the phone or e-mail him and talk about your next home?

From start to finish, it was a team effort

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