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Personal and confidential - Not to be shared with those having no sense of humor. Pictured is the famous Octacone. This was the houseboat I bought for $175 at Max Mariana, - "The Ghetto on the Lake", in the year of our Lord 1972 (or 3). Oh Lord what a trip for about seven years on Lake Austin! The ceiling on the first floor was only about seven feet high. I was, therefore, motivated to create a second floor - and being a hippie carpenter, I envisioned the octogenarian room with the cone shaped roof on top. I remember shortly after my first move to the Bull Creek Lodges, the old man who lived in the end cabin told me when I first moored it that they burned those house boats about every 7 seven years. The best place I had it moored was the Steiner Rodeo Ranch. I made friends with Billy Tom - not because I went to the Rodeo School that Bobby put on - but because I fought in the 1976 Austin Golden Gloves. Billy Tom read in the paper that I was the only independent fighting and decided to come down to the houseboat to check me out. They figured that I must like to fight, so I must have been more than just your ordinary hippie. Actually, I had just failed to make the San Antonio Torros as a DB and was feeling athletically frustrated. When I say the houseboat days were the days, I am not kidding. As fate would have it, like clockwork, seven years after being at Bull Creek, it was rumored
that vigilantes from Rob Roy torched it. The Octacone had a Viking burial

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